Jean-Max Gaudillière

photo Jean-Max GaudillièreJean-Max Gaudillière was born in 1943, and died in 2015.


Doctorate in Sociology 1981

Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm) 1963-1967

Classical studies, with agregation in classics 1966


1967-1968 Professor of French Literature at Yale University, French Department

Psychoanalyst in Paris, in private practice, after almost 30 years also in the setting of the public psychiatric hospital and outside consultation (Hôpital Paul Guiraud in Villejuif, suburbs of Paris).

Professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Social Sciences University in Paris at the Ph.D. level)

At the EHESS, leaded with Françoise Davoine a weekly seminar, « Madness and the Social Link ».


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A bon entendeur, salut ! (author with Françoise Davoine – Stock, Paris, 2013)

Author with Françoise Davoine of History Beyond Trauma (Other Press, New York 2004), now translated in French (Histoire et Trauma, La Folie des Guerres, Paris, Stock, 2006)

Many seminars and papers in Boston, San Francisco, Emory University in Atlanta, Knoxville, New Hampshire, APA in New York, panel with Dori Laub at the IPA « Trauma » meeting in Rio de Janeiro (July 2005), etc.

Edited the first translation of Benedetti into French (La mort dans l’âme, from Alienazione e personazione nella psichoterapia della malatia mentale, Erès, 1995, with a Preface by Jean-Max Gaudillière)

Several articles about the psychoanalysis of psychosis and trauma are published in American reviews.

Presenting regularly since 1979 at Austen Riggs Center, sometimes as Erikson Scholar, at the invitation of the Erikson Institute for Research.

Professional Associations

Was a member of the ex-Ecole Freudienne de Paris (ex because Jacques Lacan, who created this institute, dissolved it a few months before his death in 1981.)

Was a member of the International Society for the Psychological Treatments of the Schizophrenias and Other Psychoses, U.S. Chapter (presenting at the meetings of the ISPS since Torino 1988, at the invitation of Gaetano Benedetti.)